Welcome from Donnie and Ann

As many of you know, the late freeze of April 2007 preempted the closing of Phytotektor, Inc. after 40 years in business. Although it was a sad event for our family, there were other doors opened for each of us. It is with immense pleasure that Donnie and I reintroduce ourselves as "After Hours Nursery"

During his years with Phytotektor, Donnie was responsible for the success of our field grown crops, which were primarily dogwoods. Subsequently, we were honored by Rutgers University to be granted legal growing rights to their hybrid dogwoods. After Hours Nursery will also be producing two other patented dogwoods, Spring Grove and Cherokee Brave for Spring. We also have two newly patented dogwoods that are available now.

This new venture has given Donnie the freedom to use his vast knowledge to produce a beautiful, truly superb product. The budders have been instructed to space the seedlings three inches apart, giving the plant room to produce a broader head or top. Grow straights have been used on the required varieties, and everything has been grown under drip irrigation.

This website will showcase our products from this year. These products will be ready for shipment in the Spring. Please call us at (931)-469-7807 for more information or email us at afterhoursnursery@edge.net. We looking forward to hearing from you.

We are a Wholesale Nursery.

"Variety of Dogwoods for sale."

After Hours Nursery is a Proud Member of the Tennessee Nursery and Landscape Association and the North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association